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Freezing Homemade Bread

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Convenience, quality, and home-made taste is at hand in your freezer

When you have a stay-at-home day, bake in quantity.  (Try Favorite Buttermilk Bread, Big Soft Breadtwists or Cinnamon Sugar Wands (without the salt or sugar toppings), Home-Style Buttermilk Pan Rolls, Cinnamon Swirl Loaves, Pumpkin Yeast Bread, Classic French Bread. Allow the loaves to cool completely and firm up, at least four hours.  This will prevent frost crystals from forming inside the bread. For convenience, pre-slice the loaves.  This allows you to take just what you need from the freezer.

When all you need is a slice or two, simply use a table knife to separate slices from the frozen loaf and then thaw them quickly in your toaster.

 Double-bag loaves (rolls, too) in the heavy plastic bags that commercial bread comes in, knotting the opening tightly closed.   Be sure to squeeze any air out of plastic bags before sealing, or use a plastic drinking straw inserted in a small opening, and “suck” it out. 

A plastic drinking straw can be used to draw air from the bag.

Bread can be safely stored in the freezer practically indefinitely, but for best quality plan to use it within 6 weeks.  Frozen loaves thaw nicely in 2-4 hours at room temperature, with rolls requiring less time.  You should loosen, but not remove the wrappings while thawing, and wipe out any condensation that forms inside the bag.   You may also remove plastic wrappings, wrap the bread in aluminum foil, and heat in a low 275 – 300 degree F oven for 30 minutes, until warm throughout.  

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