Soft Scrub Cleanser

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Soft Scrub Cleanser, Two Ways
Nutella (left) and Parmesan cheese (right) tubs become useful containers for homemade cleaning products. 

This gentle cleanser teams the natural abrasive qualities of baking soda with the grease fighting qualities of either inexpensive dishwashing liquid or pure Castille soap to gently rub away grime, stains, and scum from hard surfaces such as the sink, bathtub, and shower.  Put a bit of paste on a scrub pad and scour away gunk!  Use your good judgment and a light hand to apply the product.  

Clearance dishwashing liquid works fine for Soft Scrub.


Formula #1:

1 part cheap dishwashing liquid soap
1 part baking soda
a re-purposed container with lid: 
     cottage cheese tub, squat-shaped jar, etc. (soak off the label if it has one) 

Formula #2

Unscented Castille soap + rosemary oil + minced pine
needles make a woodsy scented cleaner.

1 part Castille soap

1 part baking soda

6 -10 drops essential oil of choice
1 Tbs. dried herb of choice, crumbled (rosemary, pine needles, pineapple sage, lemon thyme)
a re-purposed container with lid 

Exact measurements are not important here.  Squirt some dishwashing liquid or Castille soap  into your prepared container, add some baking soda and stir.  Add more of either to achieve the consistency you like, making it creamy or a paste.  If using liquid Castille soap, add essential oil and dried herbs, if desired.  Stir well, put the lid on and label clearly.

When my cutting board becomes stained I scrub it with Soft Scrub
Cleanser and a teflon pad.

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