Botanical Air Freshener

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You’re the designer!

Instead of polluting the air in your home with noxious chemicals,  create a signature room freshening spray with just 3 simple ingredients. Baking soda keeps the essential oil suspended in water.  Store in an opaque glass spray bottle or reclaimed pump hair spray bottle, well-cleaned.

1 Tablespoon baking soda
12 drops essential oil 
2 cups distilled water
A clean, empty spray bottle

Measure the baking soda in to a nonporous bowl and add the essential oil on top.  Using a fork, thoroughly mix the oil into the soda.

Work the essential oil into the baking soda in a nonporous
dish or bowl.

Using a funnel, transfer the mixture to a spray bottle.  Add distilled water to fill and place top on the bottle.

Label bottle clearly.  Whenever and wherever you wish to improve the scent of a room, simply shake the bottle and give several sprays in the air.  Do not directly spray at furnishings.

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