Bleach Sanitizing Spray

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Kill bacteria for less then a penny a bottle
Three of the four bottles above are re-purposed.  From left to right are: tabasco bottle,
tincture bottle, Sprayco pump spray bottle (new; made in USA, available at Bi-Mart),
and a gift jam jar with gold lid.  The wire basket originally held a gift set of hand soap
and hand lotion, the peach puff is hand-made (crocheted) by a friend of my Aunt’s.

The disinfecting power of chlorine bleach can prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and foodborne illness when used correctly and in proper concentration.  The FDA and most universities take the “bucket” approach – giving proportions for mixing up a gallon at a time.  This works well for restaurants and the like, but at home we need it in much smaller amounts since it its effectiveness diminishes with time*.

 This method calls for mixing up a fresh spray bottle twice a week.  Check date on the bleach jug, it shouldn’t be more than 6 months old for full effectiveness.

8 oz. water
1/4 tsp liquid chlorine bleach, regular not concentrated 
Clean 16 oz. spray bottle

Add water and bleach to spray bottle, turn top on tightly and shake to blend.

Label bottle clearly:  Bleach Sanitizing Spray. Keep out of reach of children.  Using your good judgment spray hard surfaces around the home to sanitize: doorknobs, cupboard and drawer handles, fridge handle, counters, cutting boards, sinks, faucet and flush handles, handrails, etc.  Allow surfaces to air dry. 
** NEVER mix bleach with ammonia.
Note 1:  Make it easy on yourself, but make it safe.  If you don’t have small children (think of visiting children, grandchildren, too) in the house you might want to try this…  Pour bleach into a small glass bottle using a tiny funnel (brown glass tincture bottle with a dropper or a tabasco sauce bottle).  Count the number of drops needed to equal 1/4 tsp and mark it on the label. Next time you won’t need to use a measuring spoon, just count drops! 

Kitchen stores carry tiny funnels; useful for transferring
chlorine bleach to a small bottle.

Use a Sharpie permanent marker to mark spray bottle at the 8 oz. line.  Also write the formula directly on the bottle along with the words “Mon & Thurs” to remind yourself to make fresh Bleach Sanitizing Spray on Mondays and Thursdays (for example).  

Place small bottle of bleach and Bleach Sanitizing Spray in a metal or plastic organizer basket and keep it at your kitchen sink or another safe place out of reach of children.  

Note 2:  There really is no substitute for your good judgment.  I cannot guarantee that any particular surface is “safe” for Bleach Sanitizing Spray, but I can tell you that I and many of my friends have been using this formula for years with no damage.

Note 3: recommends making fresh bleach solution daily, many .edu sites recommend “frequently.”  One of the keys is to keep the solution in a closed container.  I take a middle-of-the-road approach and make Bleach Sanitizing Spray twice a week. …I’ll leave it up to your good judgment.

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