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Fizzy Fruit Soda

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Zero sugar, Zero corn syrup, Zero preservatives.  100% delicious! 

We all know that soda is “bad” for us; we love it anyway. But did you have any idea how simple it could be to create custom-flavored fizzy “sodas” from 100% fruit juice?  The seltzer water bubbles dramatically when added to the juice.  Kids and adults alike will enjoy this fun and refreshing beverage.  See Transform Backyard Fruit into 100% Juice for directions on turning excess or nuisance fruit into a luxury beverage.


Homemade organic juice!  See Transform Backyard Fruit into 100% Juice.

1 part 100% fruit juice (homemade or purchased), chilled
1 part seltzer water or unflavored sparkling water, chilled
Ice cubes

Set our required number of glasses, putting a few ice cubes in each.  Fill each glass half-way with juice, half-way with seltzer water.  Serve immediately.






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