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Pizza Margherita ~ on the Grill!

When the weather heats up, grill your pizza!
One of the easiest and more authentic versions is Pizza Margherita. Simply top the dough with sliced garden tomatoes and small chunks of mozzarella cheese. After grilling, add a sprinkle of fresh basil leaves. Mmmm…

There is a way to make great pizza; pizza with a crackling crust and the tang of smoke, cheese that bubbles in pools around bits of garden veggies laced with fresh basil.  The BBQ grill!  I developed this method several years ago during a hot, hot week in August when Cameo and Miriam each had a friend over for the week-end.  They’d spent the day playing at the river at a nearby park, and wanted our traditional Friday night pizza for dinner.  “Oh no, girls, it’s way too hot to turn the oven on,” I remember protesting.  And Sam said, “Why don’t we try cooking them on the brill?  You make the pizza; I’ll take care of grilling them.”